About me

For my second blog entry I thought I would share a little more about me!


This is me pointing at a bear.

This is me eating a pot noodle at a music festival

liz noodling

As well as pointing at bears and eating pot noodles, I also enjoy photography which is the purpose of this blog (Although it has to be said that to date none of the pictures on this blog are mine…).

The origin story

When I was sixteen I spent a thoroughly enjoyable week at school on a black and white film photography course as part of the enrichment program of the college.

We essentially spent a week running around town taking blurry photos with Pentax cameras and flicking people in the head in the dark room.  There wasn’t a car park we didn’t climb or a homeless man left unhassled.  I would’ve loved to continue, but sadly I could not afford my own SLR and the college used the darkrooms as storage cupboards for the rest of the year…

Fast forward to January 2013, now as an official wage earning adult I went to my local branch of Jessops and purchased a Nikon d3200 Digital SLR camera.  Despite being an official wage earning adult, I still needed to get the camera on finance.  Hence I paid a little more than net prices but I had a camera in my hand which I think is the most important thing.  I also get satisfaction from not purchasing such a high value item from notorious tax dodgers like Amazon!  I will post a more detailed review of my camera (from a beginners perspective) at a later date.  However, a week after I purchased my camera Jessops went into administration so I failed despite my best efforts to save the British High Street.  Sadly, they managed to find time to set up my payment plan so haven’t got a free camera. Bah.  Obviously camera in hand I went home and took various pictures of cats and quickly realised that the kit lens that came with that camera was terrible in low light!


I then moved onto Hamsters; this is Neil:




and Heisenberg


The next day I tries some outdoor dogtography and fared much better, although as one of the dogs was mainly white I blew out most of the highlights.

Since then I have attended a photography evening class and have been generally reading around (including the excellent Understanding Exposure) and have accumulated more equipment and knowledge.  I have recently started a foray into film photography which is proving interesting.

I still have a long way to go and hope you will enjoy reading about my journey.


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