Beginning film photography…

I recently purchased a Olympus OM30 with 50mm lens in great condition from eBay. It was quite the impulse purchase but the price was really good and I love the solid 1980s camera solid camera feel. The logic behind experimenting shooting film was to help me focus more on my compostition as when shooting digital I can be trigger happy and shoot hundreds of frames to produce 10 decent shots. I feel film will make me be more selective and help me stop and think a little more.

I purchased some cheap Fuji colour film ISO 400 and loaded a test roll. I shot the film over a couple of days in the area around my house, then sent off for developing.

Below are some of the results:











I am pretty happy with the results, the camera is clearly fully functional. There were fewer out of focus shots than I expected although manual focus is still something I need to improve. Lots of horrible white sky in the pictures, although the sky wasn’t the nicest on the days I was shooting, I may consider getting some filters. I did really enjoy the experience and will definatly put a bit more effort into taking my film camera to more glamourous locations now I know it works! The lenses are also very cheap on eBay which is very tempting, I’m thinking of getting a telezoom and a macro!


2 thoughts on “Beginning film photography…

    • Thanks Derek! I’m going to try shooting black and white next on the Olympus and developing the film at home. I’ve also just purchased a couple of Holgas (a 120 gcnf and a 135bc) to play with.

      I think I’m hooked!

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