Night time photography

When I started seriously considering photography as hobby one aspect really appealed and that was night time photography. I loved the dramatic star trail pictures and the extended beams of car headlights.

I was delighted then upon getting my DSLR and attending a photography course that our first session was photographing traffic from a bridge. The bridge was icy and slippy so carrying equipment was hazardous. We set our cameras to shutter priority ( around 6 seconds), ISO to 100/200 and readied our tripods.

This was the result:


Not bad for a first attempt!

More recently I went on an evening photo walk with my camera club.  We went into  the city centre on a busy Friday night which resulted in some interesting encounters with drunks trying to ‘borrow’ cameras!  I had a great time and learnt a lot from the other members.  Sadly my pictures were a little disappointing due to a tripod with all the stability of a one legged hamster.  However, it did come free with a magazine subscription so I can’t complain (its a Hama 700 if you’re interested), it will probably come in handy to support an off camera flash or something in the future! A new tripod is definitely something to invest in ASAP.

My two favourite pictures from the night:

I have no idea where the mark to the right of the image came from as it isn’t on any of the others!




2 thoughts on “Night time photography

    • Thanks, I’m a big believer in strong transport links for the undead and hope to photograph more of these types of things in the future!

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