My first speedlight….Yongnuo 468II

Yesterday I received my first flash.  I had wanted a flash for a while to open up different lighting options for portrait work. Being on a budget I couldn’t afford a Nikon speedlight but heard good things about Yongnuo. I looked at a range of Yongnuo flashes online and found the Yongnuo 468II for Nikon brand new on eBay for £55 which seemed like an amazing price for a flash with TTL capability, an equivalent Nikon branded flash would cost four times as much. My logic was if it was bad, I could always buy a more expensive flash in the future and use the cheap one as a secondary flash.

I had a play with the 468II this afternoon and have been really impressed so far! The packaging was very high quality and the flash comes with a storage pouch, a stand and mine had a diffuser as well (Sellotaped to the external box!). I inserted the batteries and it came to life!

I attached it to the hotshoe on my D3200 and went the downstairs to try it out on the Boyf and cat. They were sitting in a very dim room lit only by a table lamp and a TV. Without flash the shutter would need to be on for several seconds to get correct exposure in these conditions.

These are my results, all taken on TTL mode:

The cat wasn’t keen to be honest….


Goofy Cat fang


Boyf on Xbox – Harsh direct flash – flash clearly visible in eye and harsh shadows


Boyf on Xbox bounced flash


I also had a go on manual mode, this flash seems plenty powerful for my needs, at full power the image appeared pure white!

I found the flash very easy to use. I didn’t read the instructions as it was all self-explanatory, even for me and I have only used a speedlight once before during a photography course! TTL as promised just let me pick up and shoot, whilst the other modes enabled me to adjust the power manually with simple clear controls. However, the pictures taken in TTL mode were about +1 over exposed and in the images above I did have to adjust the exposure on the RAW files to get correct exposure. This is a minor quibble for me as I shoot RAW usually and I will in the future use the flash compensation on camera to fix this.

The flash recycled really quickly, but I found it bizarre that Yongnuo have chosen to go against convention and use a red light to indicate the flash is ready and a green light to show the flash is still charging! Red means go green, means no people…

I’m so happy with my purchase I have ordered some Yonguo 603 wireless triggers for £20 from eBay. Hopefully, they will be just as good and the flash will work as well remotely as it does on the hotshoe!


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