More cats for the internet!

If there has one thing that the internet age has taught us, it’s that the world loves a good cat picture. Everyday my various social media streams are flooded with pet pictures, cat-themed memes and videos of cats going about their crazy business.

As the owner of two boisterous 9 month old cats who bring me joy and annoy me in equal measure on a daily basis, I thought I would share a few pictures and make my contribution to the cat picture genre!

Gus is a sweet natured beast who loves nothing more than a back scratch. His hobbies include stealing food (including eating most of a garlic naan bread) and jumping on chairs the moment you get up, preventing you from returning.

Here is a close up portrait of Gus


Gus on the windowsill


Hank is Gus’ brother. He is a lovable bastard. He can open doors and is often to be found harassing the hamsters. His favourite game is waking me up by scratching and biting my feet- this is not one of my favourite games!


Bella (My sisters cat!)

This isn’t my cat but she is pretty cool!



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