Trying the Raynox DCR-250 Macro Filter

I have always been interested in insects and tiny things so macro photography has always been something I have enjoyed viewing. However, the cost of specialised Macro lenses has been prohibitive for me, I considered all the options, extension tubes, reverse mounting and filters and on the strength of reviews and amazing pictures on flickr plumped for the Raynox DCR-250 macro filter. Although more expensive than other filter options at around £40 the quality of this item makes it worth the extra money, plus in photography money £40 is peanuts.

I really like this item, it clips on quickly to a range of lens sizes. Much quicker than changing lenses and will work with a variety of lens compared to other macro filter which limit you to a single size. This makes it a great item for carrying around for a quick opportunistic shot. I used it on my Nikon 55-300mm DX lens with my Yongnuo 468II flash (Flash is needed to get the shutter speeds to handhold). Here are some results:

This was a dead bee I saw on a windowsill and was taken handheld. I am aware it’s a bit gross but LOOK AT THE DETAIL IN THE FACE! This is my favourite photo taken with the Raynox so far. I need to tidy it up a bit in photoshop to get rid of the dust and hair.


A Nintendo 3DS charm


Lens cap


Extreme lens cap – Note incredibly shallow DOF


Spider web


Spider in bath- this image suffered due to the shallow DOF




So I am happy with this item. If you were thinking of buying the Raynox DCR 250 be aware the Depth of field can be punishingly shallow but when you get focus in the right place this gadget is a beautiful thing! To maximise Depth of field use the smallest aperture possible. Autofocus doesn’t work well with this filter, manual focusing is needed.

I would also like to get a focusing rail because carrying a DSLR with zoom lens + macro filter + speedlight is bloody heavy! Need to start lifting some weights…


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