Promo shots Pamella Moo

I was asked to help local singer Pamella Moo out by taking some Promo shots for her summer performances.  Being new to this area of photography I found it a steep learning curve.  It was additionally challenging due to the bright sunlight and not being able to see the LCD screen on the back of my camera at all, this meant it was impossible to judge the exposure and composition of photos taken.

We had planned the themes of the shots beforehand, generally we were thinking of a picnic scene and bright sunlight fields of flowers.  However, the picnic shots looked underwhelming so I discarded them!

Here are a few of the shots taken- these are unedited and will be further tweaked on Photoshop when I have time, as there are some pretty major adjustments I would like to make on some.  I would appreciate any comments or feedback to help me improve these photos !






I would like to try the above shot again against a lighter backdrop as I feel her hair blends in to the dark foliage a bit too much!


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