Holga holiday photos!

These are some Holga pictures from my holiday in May…sorry for the delay in posting them up, I would say I’ve been busy but I really haven’t!

These were taken on my Holga 135bc with AGFA ISO 200 film from poundland and developed by photoexpress.co.uk

Due to me ‘accidentally’ opening the back of the camer I have some interesting light leaks in a few!

Motorway Traffic!


View from our friends house!






Safari Park




2 thoughts on “Holga holiday photos!

  1. Thanks, I am really enjoying using the Holga, so much so I have started shooting on my Holga 120GCFN as well as my 35mm so there will be many more photos!

    You my regret encouraging me when I clog up your inbox with updates!

    BTW your shots were great!

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