Diana Mini – First photos

In an earlier blog post I did a hands on comparison of the Diana Mini Vs the Holga 135bc (https://liztylerphotography.com/2013/07/06/hands-on-comparison-holga-135bc-and-diana-mini/). Now I have had some photos back from this camera and thought I would share! I was slightly disappointed by the results as images were often very soft. I know the Diana cameras have a reputation for being ‘dreamy’ but many of the images were so blurry it detracted from the image, only 3 or 4 from the whole roll were acceptable in my opinion. I had planned to do a direct image side by side comparison between the two cameras but the mini’s versions were consistently worse.

I did enjoy using the Diana mini it is very small and cute and the wider lens made a welcome change, but I much prefer the Holga at this point in time! It was quite annoying to see carefully planned pictures blurry and unusable, when this is rarely the case on the Holga. I plan to run a roll through the Diana in square format to see if this improves the image quality at all, I hope so as I really want to like this camera!

Here are some of the best images!

This one takes advantage of the fact you can partially advance the film and multiexpose.

95100006 - Copy

Shop window

95100018 - Copy


95100021 - Copy

95100020 - Copy





2 thoughts on “Diana Mini – First photos

  1. Ahh, I still find them great shots. You may have just been used to the Holga. 🙂 These are really nice “dreamy” diana effects you know.

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