Trip to Brighton with Holga 135BC

On my summer travels I spent a day in Brighton and chose to take my Holga around with me rather than lug about the DSLR!

Here are some of the pictures!

Classic seaside deckchairs!

Brighton Pavilion





4 thoughts on “Trip to Brighton with Holga 135BC

  1. Your photos are lovely! I’m sad as my film didn’t take into my A1 properly when I was in Brighton 😦 So no film pics for me this time!

    • I am thinking of getting another camera, I am torn between the A1 and the OM4! The A1 seems really cheap for the quality of camera but I am already committed to the OM system as I have an OM30 and lenses. If only I could buy all the cameras!

      I hate it when film doesn’t take! My Olympus let me down at my sisters wedding, It ripped my film in half….I managed to salvage a few shots but it stopped me shooting film that day which was annoying. It never did it before or since that day but what a day to pick!

      • I love the A1 and would recommend it 100%, I use it with 50mm 1.8 lens all the time. I have others but always go back to it, its so light and easy.

        😦 its really sad when film doesn’t take or has a fit 1/2 way through. It always puts me off shooting for a few days after just incase it happens again!

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