Olympus Trip 35 – First Impressions

I recently bought this little camera from eBay…

Picture from eBay….
olympus trip

It is an Olympus Trip 35, I paid £9.04 + £4.50 postage and it came packaged with a flash and a case. The Olympus trip 35 is a 35mm camera that is fully mechanical. It is a point and shot camera and meters using a solar cell on the front of the camera. If the conditions are too dark a red flag appears in the viewfinder but the picture can still be taken by adjusting aperture manually and risking it. I read many internet articles about this camera and it has a large, very vocal following who rave about the image quality!

When I received my camera through the post I was struck by the portable size and quality feel of this camera, it was slightly smaller than my Holga 135bc but heavier due to the metal casing. I was pleased that the selenium cell seemed to be working well and the red flag appeared when light was too low, as in some older models the cell may not meter correctly.

Here are some images from my first film, they aren’t as impressive as some online but these are unedited and I would like to try and get some filters for this camera to improve image quality.

CNV00019 (2)




This film got slightly water damaged as can be seen in this pic!
CNV00011 (2)



Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. I think this is a camera I will  start taking out with me as it is handbag sized.  I think it will be useful for situations where I want to take a film camera with more reliable image quality than the Holga can provide but it is not appropriate to take my manual focus Olympus OM 30.  For example, at a recent music festival I wanted to take pictures of the bands but it was too dark for the Holga and my OM 30 was of limited use due to moving subjects and manual focus, the trip may have helped in this situation.


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