Cockerpoo/Cockapoo puppies!

My mum is buying a puppy! Earlier this evening we went to visit the pup alongside his littermates. They are 5 week old cockerpoo/cockapoos and are seriously cute.

The photography conditions were challenging as there were around ten people in a small dark kitchen!











6 thoughts on “Cockerpoo/Cockapoo puppies!

  1. So Gorgeous, our Dog Millie is a cockapoo or as they are called in Australia (Spoodle’s)
    They have the most beautiful souls and just want to be around you all the time and they have a very loving nature. I am positive your puppy will bring your mum joy everyday

    • Thanks, I am very jealous of my mum and her puppy! Our last dog was a cocker spaniel who was just the best dog ever and since he died last year he has been greatly missed and we needed some more dogginess. Hopefully I will be able to get my own pup soon, at the moment I don’t have a proper garden, just a yard so I would need to move.

      Anyway say hi to Millie from me!

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