December sunrise.

I got up very early this morning (6.30 am on a Sunday…Madness)  and visited Bradgate park with the intention of getting some frosty sunrise images.  This is the first time I had attempted such a thing as I am not usually a fan of early mornings.  I thought I had travelled light but upon closer inspection I had packed an impressive 6 cameras (Nikon D3200 + 2 lenses, Diana F+, 2 x Holga 120 GCFN one loaded with black and white the other with slide film, Olympus OM 30 and Holga 135bc) into my bag plus tripod and it was all very heavy and I came to regret my choices.  Also, I forgot gloves and it was cold.

Here are a selection of my Nikon D3200 images from this morning:














11 thoughts on “December sunrise.

  1. Lovely indeed. Early morning light is in deed magical. Only those who get up early know the secret. I hardly see the sun rising. It is the sun watching me get up everyday.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I usually see the sun rising as I drive to work and wish I could stop to take some pictures, especially on cold, frosty misty mornings. Thanks for looking

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