My first attempt at Pinhole photography with Holga 135pc

I have always wanted to try a pinhole camera and managed to pick up a Holga 135pc on eBay for less than a tenner.  This camera is plastic with a hole of aperature f175 and no lens.  I used a light meter and pinhole camera charts to work out exposures and usually repeated shots with higher and lower shutter speeds.  For example, I would take one at 4s, then 6s then 8s.  However, I needn’t have bothered because on my film there is little to no difference between these exposure times, so it is nowhere near as sensitive as I expected.  I was expecting the film to come back a mix of completely over or under exposed but every frame had pretty decent exposure.  I used a tripod and shutter release cable for all these shots to help aid stability.  I think the detail is acceptable for 35mm but I would like to try pinhole on a 120 film camera for a better resolution, luckily  I just bought a Diana F+ for this purpose but I have my eye on a Holga 120WPC.

Here are some of my pictures, sorry about the low res scans! They aren’t particularly interesting set but these two test rolls (One AGFA 200 Vista, one Lomo Lady Grey 400) taught me alot bout this camera!














6 thoughts on “My first attempt at Pinhole photography with Holga 135pc

  1. I have the Holga WPC, I use it sometimes, but the very short focal length gives very wide angle pictures. That can be a feature if you want to cram as much of the environment into the shot at the same time, but to me it’s usually a fault as I have to move the camera so very close if I want to take a picture of one single thing, and then the distortion becomes significant.

    On the other hand shorter focal lengths allow for relatively speaking larger apertures, and therefore shorter exposure times.

    Me, I pulled the trigger on a 4×5 pinhole camera on Ebay yesterday, so I hope to shoot some of that around X-mas.

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