Shooting film at a wedding

Earlier this year, on a beautiful sunny day my sister got married. I was a bridesmaid so couldn’t take too many photos and had to rope the boyfriend in to help! I thought I would take my Olympus OM-30 and some black and white film, lomo lady grey 400, with me. I thought by shooting film I would obtain pictures that were a bit different to those other people would take of the day. However, disaster struck, as soon as we reached the reception the camera jammed and I had to open the back to see what was going on and the film had ripped. That had never happened before with that camera and it has never happened since! As a result images were lost and the camera was unusable for the rest of the day so I had to take pictures on my DSLR for the rest of the wedding. With the help of others I managed to salvage some images from the torn film and here they are:










And here is my beloved camera around the neck of my assistant (boyfriend)! Haha


9 thoughts on “Shooting film at a wedding

    • Thanks! It’s just a shame I couldn’t have taken more, most of these were taken by the boyfriend as I was busy bridesmaiding at the time. I think I trained him well!

    • Yep, I was annoyed more than anything because I envisaged handing my sister a book of beautiful black and white shots. I had packed 4 rolls of film in my handbag and it ripped 20 exposures into the first film and then couldn’t be removed from the camera until I got someone with a darkroom to help me! So my plan was ruined. That camera has never done it before or since…typical!!!

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