Review of 2013 (my first year of photography)

On 2 January 2013 my photography journey began, I went in to a shop and spent all of my money on a Nikon D3200 kit. This was the first DSLR I  had owned or even used, I had no idea what I was doing.  Since then I have learnt so much; I have read books, taken short courses, joined clubs, exhibited and am currently working on towards a HNC in photography as part of an evening class.  I have had a blast and have accumulated a lot more stuff. Within the course of this year I have purchased 3 lenses, a Nikon D7100 body (Which is now my main camera), various filters, speedlights and tripods.  Despite upgrading from the D3200 to D7100 I would still heartily recommend the D3200 to anyone starting out.  I found it so easy to shoot fully manual on that camera. I knew every function on that camera and am not quite at that point with my D7100 yet!

I also rediscovered film photography-well I say rediscovered, but my film experience before 2013 consisted of 2 weeks with a Pentax in 1999 at college and using disposable cameras at music festivals throughout the noughties. I now posess what feels like a mountain of film cameras: I have 2x Holga GCFN, Holga 135BC, Holga 135PC, 2x Diana F+, Diana mini, Olympus OM30 and Zenit TTL.  I am sure I will pick up some more this year. In particular, I have my beady eye on an Olympus OM4 and a more precise film camera such as a Yashica Mat 124 or a Bronica.

My photography aims for 2014:

    1. To get out there and shoot new places/event types
    2. To be braver about putting myself out there and actively promote my work
    3. To learn more about photography as an art form and to explore artistic type shots
    4. To look more to the work of other photographers
    5. To develop my own black and white  film ( This would also stop me being constantly being annoyed at the lab taking around 3 weeks per film and their 35mm scans are terrible!)
    6. To buy a scanner!
    7. To start painting/drawing again, this will help my photographic composition and is something I can do when the weather is poor

Some of my favourite photos from this year:

A greenhouse in winter


Download Festival June 2013 (Holga 135bc)

Leicester Canal

Torquay Holga 120GCFN

Remembrance Day


Beachy Head Holga 135bc





Pram taken by Holga 120GCFN processed and printed by me!


Gig photography





Misty Morning


Summer banjo times

40250018 - Copy



Wedding shot with Olympus OM30

Busy Bee


Macro rose



8 thoughts on “Review of 2013 (my first year of photography)

  1. The Leicester Canal shot is awesome.

    And, if you start doing your own development and scanning you don’t need to pick up painting to fill those rainy days. 🙂

    • Thanks! I as really happy with how that image turned out. I do need to start developing as I have to post my black and white film off and it takes about 3 weeks to come back and I spend the whole time being incredibly angry about it so long and I completely forget which camera it was taken with!

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