Hello from me!

I am taking part in the 52 rolls 2014 challenge so will be blogging twice as much! All words of encouragement welcome 🙂

52 rolls

Hello everybody, I am hoping to complete the 2014 52 rolls challenge and just thought I would introduce myself! I am Liz, a 29 year old science teacher living in the UK.

Last year I bought my first DSLR and along the way rediscovered film photography.  My film experience before 2013 consisted of 2 weeks with a Pentax K1000 in 1999 and using disposable cameras at music festivals. I am now studying for a HNC in photography in my spare time and have learnt a lot but one of the things that have given me the most joy over the past year is experimenting with different cameras and film emulsions.

I usually have a film camera stashed in my bag wherever I go and enjoy taking photos of people, places, signs, gigs and animals! I now possess what feels like a mountain of film cameras including 2x Holga GCFN, Holga…

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