Sunrise captured on film

Today I got lots of developed film and scans back from the lab! I will be posting the best images over the coming weeks. I thought I would start with these images from a sunrise I shot in December. I posted some digital images from this here:

I used 3 different film cameras, 2 x Hoga 120GCFNs and 1 x Diana F+ and it is interesting how different the shots look despite being taken on the same day.

One Holga 120GCFN was loaded with my favourite black and white film Ilford HP5:




This was the first roll I had put through this Diana F+. I used Kodak Portra 120VC expired film. There were issues with the film not winding which has resulted in some overlap and not spooling tightly enough (fat roll) causing light leaks. However, I am really happy with the sharpness.



In the other Holga GCFN I loaded expired Kodak 100 slide film. I actually loaded this by accident as I didn’t want to waste it on a test roll! These were underexposed but the sky looks pretty.






8 thoughts on “Sunrise captured on film

    • Thanks, as it was expired I had no idea how it would look! I shot a second roll of the same batch of portra also in the diana and I am going to post those in a day or two!

      • I have a box of Portra 160 4×5 on the way. I’ll shoot it when there’s something other than clouds here.

  1. Holgas can really capture some spectacular images. Anyone that knocks them because they are cheap, plastic toys should really play with one before laughing at them. I call my Holga 120CFN “the best $30 I ever spent.” and that includes $30 steak dinners. I’m about to hit the darkroom this weekend and develop a roll of black and white film from my Holga, a roll from my Minolta Autocord TLR, and a roll from my Kiev 88CM. Looking forward to seeing what happens. Love your blog. Keep up the good work and #believeinfilm!!!

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