Week 7: Olympus OM-4 and the remains of the Bowstring Bridge

Week 7 enjoy!

52 rolls

Week 6 is still awaiting development as it was shot on colour 120, so here is Week 7!

This week I ran another roll of AGFA Vista 200 (poundland film) through my new (to me) Olympus OM-4 with Sigma 28mm lens.  My aim for this roll was to test out the spot metering function of the OM-4.  The way it works is that you point the camera at the thing you want to expose for then press the dedicated ‘spot’ button and the exposure is then set and you compose your photo as you wish then press the shutter and take the photo.  There are also ‘highlight’ and ‘shadow’ buttons which aid the exposure of either area.

I decided to try and shoot the remains of the Bowstring Bridge in Leicester – this is very near my house.  The Bowstring Bridge was an important part of Leicester’s railway heritage, however…

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