Creative college project

I am studying towards a photography qualification at a local college in the evenings after work.  One of our recent projects was themed around creativity and making images in different ways.  As part of this we trialled a range of techniques such as photograms (, cyanotpes, staining, scanning and darkroom skills.

I took this opportunity to try and incorporate my beloved Holga 120GCFN into my assignment.  To make them fit the brief I burnt negatives with a lighter ( I really liked this effect but for this project I needed to do more so I blended the Holga images with colour images using photoshop. This was a first for me as I love Holga images as they they are and am not a fan of too much digital manipulation.

I thought I would share the final images I submitted and see what people think, I received positive feedback from college but I am not sure if they work or not. I am glad I did this project as it really pushed me out of y comfort zone but I don’t think I will be making any more of these images!!!

bench edit-Recovered

bridge edit 2

candy floss2

window edot


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