Week 15- Olympus XA with AGFA Vistaplus 200

Latest post on 52 rolls-Enjoy!

52 rolls

I recently became a proud member of the Olympus XA club, since the death of my Olympus Trip 35 due to solar cell failure I was looking for a super sharp pocketable 35mm camera.

I managed to get an XA for £20 from eBay, which I considered a good deal as most seemed to go for much more than this. I loaded it with AGFA vistaplus 200 film from the local pound shop as a test roll.  Everything seems to be in working order, although I find focussing through the viewfinder impossible and just gauge distance instead.

Exposure is a bit off in some shots too (Blown out skies…), but overall I am pleased with my purchase. As my car was up to to it’s usual tricks, my first trip was to the car mechanics  and I took a few sneaky pictures:

14483832215_c07bfdd232_o14482608014_4e6ddc64b8_o14297212139_805fb1f899_o After this I went on a weekend to Gloucestershire…

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