Roll 21: Leeds Festival 2014 with Olympus XA and Ilford HP5+

Some more film nonsense from me: click ‘view original’ to see it in it’s full glory!

52 rolls

I have to saw that I am now completely out of sync with the 52 rolls projects, I have a massive backlog of film and absolutely no idea of what order it was shot! So I am just going to number them in the order that I get round to blogging about them, hope that doesn’t offend anyone 🙂

Anyway, having just bought a scanner (Epson v550) I am finally getting these films online, however, I have still not quite fine tuned the settings, so apologies if they are not up to your usual high standards.

This film was shot at Leeds Festival 2014 where I worked as a fire marshal and also found time to watch bands such as Queens of the stone age, Arctic Monkeys and Blink 182. The Olympus XA is great for this kind of event, nice and pocketable. I used Ilford HP5+ film and developed…

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