Roll 23: A civilized afternoon with my Olympus XA and Ilford HP5+ :-)

Film shenanigans from me @52rolls. Please click ‘view original’ to see it in it’s intended glory

52 rolls

Apologies if my Olympus XA and Ilford HP5+ combination is getting repetitive! Earlier in the year I went through a bit of a phase of this camera and film combo and have done all my processing in one large batch with my new Epson V550 scanner.

These photos were taken on a dog walk around the Hambleton peninsula of Rutland water a local beauty spot, followed by tea and cake at Wing Hall – all very civilized! I am pretty happy with these shots and think they really capture the essence of the day. Let me know what you think!










And because it is not usually as sunny and lovely in Britain I have included a picture of a more realistic British scene.  That moment when you are waiting to dash out of  the car to your house to avoid the rain!!


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