Cambridge photos AKA when mistakes turn out better than the original plan!

Some images from my pinhole project


Pinhole project

I had to go to a work thingy at Cambridge University so took my Holga 120WPC to grab a few shots before I left. Cambridge was beautiful and I wanted to capture some of the features that made it famous, such as the historic buildings, parks, tourists and multitude of bicycles. I took my tripod and took ages framing shots for interest. However, I made a stupid mistake and after six shots when the film should have ended I realised I had wound the film wrong and all my images would be overlapping and probably a mess. I could have kicked myself (or someone else…rage!) Very frustrating! I didn’t have time to shoot another film as it was beginning to get dark. I put off developing the film for two weeks as I couldn’t face the disappointment; however, now I have developed the film I really like the results!


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